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Cast Stone Pier Caps & Coping Stones

Pier caps and coping stones help to protect piers and walls from weather damage, as well as adding interest to boundary walls and gateways around a property or in a garden.

Coping stones are available in a range of simple or decorative designs to complete a wall or offer a base for railings, whilst pier caps offer a base for decorative ball finials, lights or other additional cast stone features at the end of walls, or around gates.

We also have coping stone designs that can be used on parapets, gables and around the edge of swimming pools, and with our incredible range of styles, along with our bespoke design service, you can choose to have matching coping stones and pier caps on different features of your home and garden.

The History of Pier Caps and Coping Stones:

Pier caps and coping stones have been used for centuries to protect brick and stonework from the elements – there are examples from as far back as the Romans! They have always been a popular product for adding beautiful architectural details to the walls surrounding a building.

The method of ‘coping’ in architectural terms is literally to cap or cover a wall, usually with an angled or curved shape to allow the rainwater to run off and prevent damage. The Roman coping stones were mostly plain and flat but designed to ‘channel’ away water. As architectural style developed over the years, copings were given steeper slopes and turned into more decorative features, which you can still see on gothic buildings such as Oxford University.

Today, coping stones and pier caps are popular with homeowners and developers who want to add traditional cast stone style to properties, outside in the back garden, on the garden wall at the front of a home, or on full boundary walls.

Coping Stone Designs:

With one of the UK’s largest ranges of coping stones, we have something to suit any project and every budget. As well as offering flat, Apex and once weathered coping stone designs, every stone is manufactured to perfectly fit different wall thicknesses.

The majority of our coping stone design options are also available with matching terminal ends and corners to remove the need for cutting on site, giving a seamless, professional finish to your project. We also stock coping stones suitable for rendered walls, to suit the addition of railings and vertical radius coping stones.
Coping Stone Standard Sizes

To make ordering coping stones easier, our products are split into three standard size groups.

For every size group, we have a full range of shapes and designs, from traditional Romanesque ‘flat’ copings to wedge-shaped ‘once-weathered’ designs and double pitch coping stone shapes. If you already know what you need, click here to buy coping stones online.

If you’re not sure what you need, you can download our coping stone options guide for your builder or landscaper to check out, or give us a call direct and we can talk through your project with you.

Pier Cap Designs:

No new boundary wall design is complete without matching pier caps. Design variations include apex, flat top and flush base designs, as well as styles which take ball finials and lights. We also have a range of caps for rectangular piers available.

From classic stepped designs with a ‘pyramid’ style top, to curved, sweeping pointed designs and specialist shapes that replicate existing designs, at Acanthus you can choose pier caps in any shape and any size to suit your needs – so much more choice than at your average builder’s yard or garden centre!

Standard size pier caps:

We have a standard range of classical pier cap designs to suit a range of pier sizes including:
1 Brick
1.5 Brick
2 Bricks
2.5 Bricks
3 Bricks
3.5 Bricks
4 Bricks

Pier caps with ball finials:

If you need to add a little extra architectural detail to your pier caps, we have range of pre-existing ball finial designs to choose from. This is a really popular option for homeowners who have gated entrances to their homes.

We can also work with you to create a pier cap design to include lighting for a glowing entrance to any property.
Plinth and string courses can be used to add contrasting architectural features to brick piers. We have bullnose and plain string course designs that sit a couple of brick courses below the pier cap, to add an extra design detail.

Out of the ordinary:

For period properties that feature original handcrafted pier caps or coping stones in unusual designs, our expert designers can replicate any shape or style to maintain heritage aesthetics. It’s one of our specialities and Acanthus Cast Stone was recently highly commended in the UK Cast Stone Association awards for one of our projects.

Our skilled CAD draughtsmen designed and produced these bespoke gate finials for a stunning country house near Windsor.

Pier cap and coping stone manufacturing and installation:

On every project, we work with you to create the perfect design. Your approved drawings are transformed into a custom-made mould for hand castings of our bespoke pier caps and coping stones, in your choice of stone finish.

If you are looking for an experienced contractor to install your new cast stone features, we have an approved list of companies who regularly fit our products and would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Weatherproof pier caps and coping stones:

Choosing the right colour cast stone for your pier caps and copings can be a difficult decision, so we offer free samples so you can ‘try before you buy’! All cast stone products are available in a selection of natural stone shades, which have the same feel as hand carved stone. Choose from:

• Portland
• Bathstone
• Cotswold
• Yorkstone
• Natural Grey

Our quarried, natural stone has great weathering characteristics. It has a low porosity, making coping stones and pier caps completely frost-proof to slow any weathering processes and keep your stone looking newer for longer.

When it comes to cast stone for your property, we have everything you need, from replacement pier caps and coping stones to repair existing walls and piers, to designs for new build developments and even to complete a new dream swimming pool project ready for the summer! So, if you need pier caps or coping stones for your project, choose Acanthus Cast Stone.

Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect bespoke product for your home and will be there to answer any of your queries along the way. We’re only a call away, so if you have any questions or need a quote for your next project, call 01773 540704 or use our enquiry form.


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