5 benefits Fountains & Pool Surrounds provide to your landscape-acanthus-cast-stone

5 benefits Fountains & Pool Surrounds provide to your landscape

We produce an extensive range of beautifully detailed stone fountains and stone pool surrounds that are suitable for any size of garden, including new landscape designs. Including a water feature in your garden comes with many unexpected benefits. Stone fountains add sound, interest and movement to your landscape and create a real sense of tranquillity.

1. Bring the sounds of nature to you

The soothing sound of running water is often hard to come by when you work long hours, and can’t escape from your busy life. So why not bring the ambience to your doorstep? Listen to the cascading water as it washes away your workday worries. Our large triple fountain is one of our most popular options and its impressive size creates lots of running water. Paired with our medium or large stone pool surround, a fountain creates a stunning garden feature.

2. They’re made bespoke to fit your space

No matter how big or small your outdoor living space is, don’t think that adding a water feature isn’t an option. A stone fountain can be tucked away to make the most of a quiet corner. Sometimes the most awkward spaces are ideal for water features as our bespoke designs can be adapted to suit. All of our cast stone products are hand crafted in Derbyshire to your exact design so that you can turn an empty space into a stunning focal point in your garden.

Stone pool surrounds are available in a range of designs to complement your chosen stone fountain, and to fit the space you have. A firm favourite are the circular stone pool surrounds which are available in 4 sizes ranging from 1200mm to 8000mm internal diameter. These can be supplied with or without a rigid fibre glass liner. This way you can choose the perfect stone fountain and matching pool surround for any situation.

3. Add extra interest

Make the most of your garden and add extra interest with a stone fountain. It creates a new focal point and gives you the opportunity to make your home unique. This bespoke feature can be custom-made to your exact requirements alongside our stone pool surrounds in semi-circular, square, oval and rectangular configurations. A range of stone colour options are available to complement your home and garden style, including Portland, Bathstone, Cotswold, Yorkstone and Natural grey. Why not request a set of our free stone samples today?

4. Little maintenance required

Cast stone fountains are the perfect choice of garden feature if you don’t want the hassle of maintenance. The water is constantly recirculating, so they don’t use too much water while limiting bacteria build up, supplying you with the natural sound of running water and visual interest without much effort at all. Stone fountains and surrounds just need to be kept clean to prevent any blockages and drained down in very cold winters.

5. Introduces an element of serenity

Not only is a water feature a decorative addition to your garden, but they can also act as a haven for wildlife and reduce traffic noise, replacing it with the calming sound of running water. With our wide range of stone fountains and stone pool surrounds, you can create a serene space in the comfort of your own garden.

Transform your current landscape with a water feature

If you would like to transform your current garden design by adding the sound of running water, and a bespoke focal point, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to arrange the design of your unique stone fountain or stone fountain surround.



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