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Many projects require custom-made products to match existing features or to suit architectural drawings. A large proportion of our business involves manufacturing custom-made designs for commercial, residential and private projects.

Our skilled CAD draftsmen are able to produce accurate drawings for all bespoke projects which are then submitted for customer approval. Approved drawings are then transferred to our fully equipped pattern making and joinery department to generate traditional moulds from which your bespoke items are hand cast. The result is a high quality product, made to your specific design, in whatever quantity you require. Once a mould has been produced repetition is simple and is therefore cost-effective compared with carved stone products.

We are always keen to help clients keep costs to a minimum and we often find that slight design tweaks enable the moulds or products to be made more easily or quickly and therefore more cost-effectively. If you let us know what you are looking for, we will happily take a look at the details to see if savings can be made without compromising on the overall design.

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