Cast Stone Cornice

Add a touch of elegance to your roofline with our cast stone cornice

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    About our Cast Stone Cornice

    Cornice and dentil moulding is usually of a much larger section and sits at eaves level on more prestigious properties and developments. We have a standard cornice design or the possibility of custom-made options.

    Cast stone cornice is a decorative element used at the top of a building’s façade as an ornamental detail. It enhances the visual appeal of a building by clearly defining the transition between the walls and roofline.

    A string course can be a great compliment to cast stone cornice. See our cast stone string courses here.

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    Cornice Design & Dimensions

    Please see the our range of cast stone cornice along with the dimensions or simply click the button below to download all designs as a PDF.


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    X-Section Cornice

    Typical X-Section

    Cornice Straights


    90 External Return LH Cornice

    90° External Return - LH

    90 External Return RH Cornice

    90° External Return - RH

    90 Internal Return LH Cornice

    90° Internal Return - LH

    90 Internal Return RH Cornice

    90° Internal Return - RH

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