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We have several highly popular and perfectly reproduced miscellaneous items which include the following.

Cats and Kittens – The originals were designed and carved by our sculptor and are perfectly and extremely detailed reproductions of a pair of cats and a pair of kittens. Both the kittens and cats have been designed in pairs, with one of the pair looking up and one looking down.

They look stunning when situated amongst plants or sitting around on steps or terraces and are often used as pet memorials. They can be bought singly or as pairs and are produced in a range of natural stone shades and will age and weather beautifully.

Lion Wall Mask – This intricately carved wall mask is a perfect blend of ferocity and softness and the original was designed and carved by our sculptor. The mask can be supplied either mounted on a square stone for building into a wall or without the square stone so that it can be resin-fixed to an existing wall.

The masks look superb when used simply as a feature on a garden wall and they can also be supplied with copper tube extending through the lion’s mouth so that they can be used as a water feature or fountain. These wall masks can be supplied in a range of stone shades.

Eagle – The originals of this pair of striking and perfectly carved replicas of American eagles were designed by us for and to sit on the main entrance pillars to a National Trust property. They are large and imposing features and are produced with one eagle looking to the left and one looking to the right.

The eagles are approximately 800mm high and 1050mm wide and weigh approximately 135kg each.

Memorials - Garden memorials serve as a timely reminder to the memory of a loved one or pet and can be supplied with a suitable receptacle area and engraved plaques if preferred.

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