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Stone balustrade ideas for your home and garden projects

Cast stone balustrade are made up of several parts. The uprights are individually called balusters and when put together in a row with a top rail, it’s a run of balustrade. You’ll find them edging stairways and steps, terraces and balconies.

Perhaps the most famous one in the UK is the balcony at 18th century Buckingham Palace, where the Royal Family waves down to adoring crowds on special occasions. A bit closer to our HQ in Alfreton is 17th century Chatsworth House, with its superb stone steps edged with historic balustrade. Even before the 17th and 18th century, balustrade were used in grand designs. In fact they date all the way back to the 7th century, seen outside the windows in Assyrian palaces. Stone balustrade remain a popular choice today for building, landscaping and garden projects.

Palladian style:

A great example of the use of a run of balustrade is from Andrea Palladio, a 16th century architect. This Palladian style can still be seen today at Queen’s House in Greenwich, shown off by the detailing on the grand stairway at the front of the home with stone balustrade. It’s symmetrical and elaborate design gives you that feeling of grandness.

Stone balustrade for terraces:

Outside, stone balustrade can be used to perfectly frame a focal point in your garden, providing a classical, open barrier that highlights your patio or borders. An historic example is at Haddon Hall in Bakewell where you’ll find them edging the elegant terraces in the Elizabethan style garden. Similarly, Gertrude Jekyll created the gardens for a Lutyens’ property that incorporates the most beautiful run of balustrade in The Salutation at Sandwich in Kent. Stone balustrade are especially good for defining different heights in the garden to make a feature of your outdoor living space.

Create a grand entrance:

To leave a lasting impression on your guests, finish your steps with cast stone balustrade to create a grand stairway like at Queen’s House and Chatsworth House. No matter what style of steps you have, we can create the perfect balustrade. Why not take inspiration from historic buildings for your project? You can add character to your new, modern home by introducing stone balustrade to your entrance steps to make a design statement.

Stone balustrade for balconies:

At the St Peter’s Basilica in Italy, you’ll see the balcony at the front of the building, but most people have balconies at the back, overlooking their gardens and the views beyond. Balconies for new build homes can create most incredible feature that will frame the perfect view.

How we work with you:

We can advise you at any stage of your project, from design through to installation, and we work closely with architects and developers. To create the perfect stone balustrade for any property, our team of experienced CAD designers will work with you to deliver exactly what you want.

Renovation and repair with restoration:

We ensure that all of our stone balustrade projects comply with the relevant building regulations where necessary. If you have an existing run of balustrade that is in need of repair, replacement, or restoration service our experienced team can help.

Where a new run of balustrade is being fitted, either on a new build property or extension, we have a range of standard designs that you can select from to give you the perfect style for your project including:

Flat Rail Deep Plinth
Apex Rail Deep Plinth
Flat Rail Shallow Plinth
Apex Rail Shallow Plinth

We also offer corner and intermediate piers, half piers, half balusters, with curved or angled stone balustrade possible, as well as raking balustrade for steps.

Choose from our range of cast stone colours that include Portland, Bathstone, Cotswold, Yorkstone and Natural Grey. This way, you can select a colour for your stone balustrade and other cast stone products that complement or match the exterior of your home. Request a free sample from us before you start your project so you can try before you buy and make sure you have the perfect colour stone.

Related products:

You can match other garden features to your run of balustrade. Our sundials and plinths, benches and fountains and pool surrounds can be made bespoke to match the design of your balustrade, to give your home and garden a uniform look.

Create an idyllic spot in your house by combining your stone balustrade with our porticos to design a porch style structure with a difference. Pier caps and coping stones can also be made bespoke to match your run of balustrade alongside any other decorative feature.

Choose Cast Stone Balustrade for your next home and garden project:

Whatever you need, we are more than happy to help you plan the ideal stone balustrade for your property. Please don’t hesitate to have a chat with us today about how we can help create a beautiful balustrade for your home!



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