Some things are set in stone.

And at Acanthus Cast Stone, quality cast stone manufacturing is the keystone of our business. The bedrock. There are other puns we could add, but you get the idea.

See – we don’t make a big song and dance about it – but as a Derbyshire based cast stone manufacturer, our top quality building components, landscape products, garden ornaments and fireplace surrounds are exported throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East as well as around Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

Why? Because we’re passionate about cast stone manufacturing and we do it well.

From standard cast stone products in our catalogue (LINK) to purpose made items like these (PICS) – everything we do is handmade here in Derbyshire using quality local materials and available for all types of commercial, residential and private projects.

So if you’re looking for cast stone products direct from a local manufacturer with global recognition – at Acanthus Cast Stone – we rock.