Adding Cast Stone Heads, Cills and Surrounds to your project

Cast stone heads and cills are a fantastic way of adding subtle architectural detail to the exterior of a property.

At Acanthus, we are experienced in the manufacture of cast stone goods and our wide range of heads, cills and stone surrounds provide you with a fantastic selection of products to help you with your project.

Why add cast stone heads and cills to your project

Windows can often look bare without cast stone heads and cills, so incorporating them into your property is a great finishing touch. With various standard designs to choose from as well as custom-made options, there is lots of flexibility to ensure you choose the right one for your new build project.

Cast stone cills for your project

Our cast stone cills come in several sizes and designs to suit properties with varying architectural styles and stone types. Whether you need cills to suit Brickwork, Render or Imperial sizes, Acanthus has an extensive selection of products to perfectly match your requirements.

Our C2 cill is our most popular choice, with a height of 140mm and a 100mm stooling for the brickwork to sit on, and we also have the C2R option which has an extra 20mm depth to allow for the thickness of the render.

The larger C3 cill is ideal for sash windows and the intricate detailing and fine architectural lines of the C4 cill offers a stunning Georgian effect.

Slip cills, which don’t have the stoolings on either side, are also available, as well as bay cills which can be ordered for both 45 and 90 degree bays.

Cast stone heads for your project

Cast stone window heads are decorative features spanning across a window’s aperture, which enhance the exterior visual appeal of any property. Acanthus has a range of different heads and head units which add an incredible level of style to your project.

We have standard rectangular heads, with the option of a chamfered edge on the bottom, and tapered edges on the sides. We also have an impressive Georgian style head to create an incredibly striking feature to your windows.

As they are non-structural, our cast stone window heads will require a lintel for load-bearing purposes, so it’s best to get professional advice before installation. Our technical information page and UKCSA guidance notes are also available if you require more assistance.

Cast stone surrounds for your project

If you want cast stone around the entire perimeter of your window or door, then our range of cast stone surrounds provide you with the ideal solution.

We have several different window or door surrounds available for you to incorporate into your newbuild project, including:

• Standard rectangular surrounds – a simple solution

• Chamfered surrounds – a subtle, but sleek touch

• Stepped surrounds – different levels with varying depths

• In/out surrounds – combination of different size stones to create a contrasting effect

• Georgian surrounds – a classic and very popular option which adds a dramatic effect to your windows

• Circular surrounds – perfect for traditional circular windows, which can also be incorporated with keystones

We also provide door surrounds and window surrounds which can be supplies with thresholds as well as steps and risers, as well as porch surrounds which are a cost-effective way of transforming an entrance.

As with our range of heads and cills, our cast stone surrounds can be customised to your requirements, and we can also match them to the existing surrounds on your property if you’re building an extension.

What colours are available?

We have a range of colour options for your cast stone heads, cills and surrounds.

• Portland – a pale colour which is often seen on some of the most recognisable buildings in London.

• Bathstone – a beige shade which perfectly complements Georgian architecture.

• Cotswold – a traditional tone which mimics the style of traditional Cotswold cottages.

• Yorkstone – a very British colour choice.

• Natural Grey – a lighter grey shade which is more popular on modern buildings.

If you aren’t 100% sure on which colour choice will work best, then you can request our free colour samples, so you can see first-hand which one suits your project best.

How can I include Acanthus cast stone heads and cills in my project?

If you are looking for cast stone heads and cills for your property, then the experts at Acanthus can help you every step of the way. Choose from our wide range of designs or speak to our team of experienced CAD designers who will help create you a bespoke option. We also have various technical info sheets available and can provide you with copies of the CAD drawings when complete to help your project go as smoothly as possible.

As members of the UK Cast Stone Association all our products are made to the UKCSA standards and BS1217.

Call our team on 01773 540704 to kickstart your project today.



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