How to design the exterior of your luxury house

How to Design the Exterior of Your Luxury House

Our top 6 tips to incorporate cast stone products to enhance and add value to your property’s exterior.


What is a luxury house?

A luxury house is a high-end, premium property. These spacious, detached homes typically feature 5 to 6 bedrooms. Often with a grand driveway, a luxury house makes a bold statement starting from the boundary wall and gates and extending all the way to the design of the house and exterior landscaping. Location is key, as these sought-after properties are generally situated in desirable areas.

How can cast stone enhance a property?

The quality of the materials used is a significant factor in the curb appeal of your home. Cast stone is not meant to replace bricks but rather to enhance the style of a property. It offers the opportunity for more personalisation. For more information, please read our Ultimate Guide to Cast Stone.

1.     Personalisation / Bespoke

Personalisation is key when it comes to your luxury home. With cast stone, you can reflect your own unique style and make it truly yours. Whether you work with architects, builders, or take the lead as the homeowner, cast stone offers the flexibility to achieve your vision at a surprisingly affordable price.

Choose from bespoke designs or customise existing profiles to suit your preferences. By collaborating with our experts, we can also review drawings to find cost-saving opportunities without compromising on the overall look and charm.

Cast stone creates a statement that is elegant. It is the perfect way to add character to the exterior of your property and living space, showcasing your taste, and making your dream home a reality.

2.     Colour Options

The colour options available for your luxury home can have a transformative effect on its overall appearance. Coordinating and achieving cohesion among colours is essential for creating a harmonious and visually stunning environment, both within your home, garden, and property surround.

Consider the local environment when selecting colours for your luxury home. Ensuring the colours fit the surroundings can create a seamless integration, enhancing the overall appeal of your property. A well-coordinated colour scheme adds aesthetic and monetary value.

Don’t overlook the impact of colours in your garden as well. Coordinating your home’s exterior with the surrounding landscape can create a stunning visual experience. From the colours of your patio and outdoor furniture to the shades of your flower beds and foliage, thoughtful colour choices can elevate your outdoor space.

In conclusion, the colour options available for your luxury home are important in transforming its overall look and feel. By considering the local environment, exploring a range of classic colours, and achieving coordination, you can enhance both your home and garden. Please refer to our previous blog How to choose an exterior stone colour for more information.

Our colour options

When choosing an exterior stone colour for your home, samples play a vital role in the decision-making process. Consulting professionals like architects can guide you in selecting timeless colours or more modern colours as well as colours that are related to the local area. As an example, Portland is often used in London and has been popular for centuries with major public buildings in London such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace using this colour stone.

To compare options and see how they complement your project, please request your free samples here.

Acanthus Cast Stone new stone colours

Exciting news awaits with new colours coming this year, offering more choices for your luxury home. Start the process by visiting our sample page and stay updated on the latest trends and design possibilities by signing up to our newsletter.

3.     Design styles

When it comes to design styles for your luxury home, the two main styles to consider are modern and traditional, each having its own distinct characteristics.

Modern Luxury Houses – For a modern design, flat stones and clean lines are contemporary, prominent features. This style is often minimalist and sleek.

Traditional Luxury Houses – On the other hand, traditional design embraces intricate profiles and a wide range of cast stone products, with a focus on fancy and timeless appeal.

Considering the architecture in your local area is important, as it helps maintain harmony and ensures compliance with planning permission guidelines.

If you’re embarking on a one-off new build, the design style can be either modern or traditional, depending on your personal preference and the overall vision you have for your dream home.

Whatever design style you choose, cast stone products can elevate the overall look and feel of your luxury home. From modern to traditional, incorporate these high-quality elements to enhance the beauty and allure of your outdoor space as well as living space.

4.    Cast Stone Products That Make a Difference

Firstly, considering the exterior finish of your home, you can look at the following products to enhance the design and overall appeal.

Guide to Cast Stone Porticos


A portico is often found at the front of a house to create a welcoming entrance. It is a roofed structure that is supported by columns. It can either stand independently or be connected to your house.

Window Surrounds

A window surround in cast stone is specifically designed to enclose or frame a window in a luxury home. These surrounds can vary in design, ranging from simplistic to intricate. When combined with other complementary cast stone products, window surrounds can enhance the overall appearance of your home, creating a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic.

Balustrades around first floor balconies

Cast stone balustrades can be used to enhance the exterior of your first-floor balconies as well as providing a safety feature. They are often seen off master bedrooms.


Cornice (including String course)

Cast stone cornice is an ornamental element that is placed at the upper part of a building’s facade, serving as a decorative detail. Its purpose is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building by clearly defining the boundary between the walls and roofline.

bespoke boundary wall cast stone copings with vertical drop


Copings can help protect buildings and structures against water-related issues. Coping stones not only serve functional purposes but also provide an opportunity to enhance the overall appearance of your property and boost its curb appeal. For more information, please refer to our blog on Coping Stones.

When you’ve settled in let’s not forget the exterior landscaping…

cast stone coping stones

Gate Pillars with matching Pier Caps and Copings

Stone gate pillars create a beautiful entrance feature for both new and existing properties. Our collection includes plain and moulded designs, available in various sizes, with the added flexibility to adjust the height as desired. These gate piers can effectively create a warm and inviting entrance for any luxury house.

cast stone fountain

Fountains and Pool Surrounds

The addition of fountains and pool surroundings have the potential to make a remarkable difference in outdoor spaces. These features enhance the visual appeal and can create a sense of serenity.


Urns and Planters

With a wide range of designs and heights available, plinths offer a versatile solution to elevate and showcase planters, creating statement pieces or captivating focal points for your luxury home. These elevated platforms provide an opportunity to showcase plants and flowers at eye level, drawing attention and adding visual interest to both indoor and outdoor environments.



Cast stone balustrades can be used in various types of buildings or for landscaping and garden projects. They offer a classical and aesthetically pleasing, yet transparent barrier that frames, rather than obstructs, the view beyond. They can be used for safety purposes on raised patios as well as either side of steps to a lower level.

Two products we would specifically recommend for luxury properties would be porticos and cast stone window surrounds.

5.     How a portico can add style and value

A portico is a roofed structure supported by columns, typically located at the front of a house, serving as an inviting and impressive entrance. This architectural feature enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of a luxury property.

One of the primary benefits of a portico is that it creates a welcoming doorway. It provides a covered space that protects you and your guests from the elements while entering or exiting the house. This sheltered area adds charm to your home’s façade, making a lasting first impression on visitors.

In addition to its visual appeal, a well-designed portico can also add value to your property. Its aesthetically pleasing design serves as a selling point that can attract potential buyers and set your property apart from others on the market. Many experts highlight that the addition of a portico can increase the value of your property by up to 6%1.

6.     How cast stone windows surrounds can transform a property

Cast stone windows surrounds have the power to transform your property, with their impressive combination of character, quality, and undeniable visual impact.

Below is an example of this. On the left, shows an image featuring cast stone window surrounds with crafted heads and cast stone cills. On the right, the image relies solely on plain brickwork:


In conclusion, designing the exterior of your luxury home is a crucial step in creating a stunning and impressive property. By incorporating cast stone products, such as porticos, window surrounds, balustrades, cornice, copings, gate pillars, and more, you can enhance the overall aesthetic and value of your home.

Cast stone offers a range of benefits, including personalisation options, durability, and affordability. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional design style, cast stone products can seamlessly integrate into your dream and vision into a reality.

Choosing the right colours for your luxury home is also important, as it can create a cohesive and visually appealing environment. Coordinating the hues of your home’s exterior with the surrounding landscape can result in a captivating aesthetic.

How to design the exterior of your luxury house

Why Choose Acanthus?

When considering cast stone products, Acanthus is the ideal choice. With a wide range of samples to choose from and upcoming colour options, you can find the perfect match for your luxury home. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that you receive exceptional products that bring your vision to life.

“Cast stone can enhance your luxury home by offering personalisation and grandness at a surprising affordable price point. From porticos and window surrounds to balustrades and gate pillars, incorporating cast stone products adds both aesthetic beauty and value to your property’s exterior and interior. With our value engineering help, we can also keep costs under control. So, it pays to speak to us.” Gavin, Project Manager at Acanthus

If you require any further information or wish to discuss our bespoke cast stone products, contact one of our friendly Acanthus team.






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