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    About Our Bathstone Colour

    Our Bathstone cast stone is beautifully crafted to emulate the warm, honey-coloured tones of the classic Bathstone limestone, renowned for its rich texture and depth of colour. This shade captures the essence of the traditional stone used extensively in historic British architecture, bringing a touch of heritage and timeless elegance to modern constructions.

    The warm honey hue of our Bathstone provides a natural softness that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any structure and creates spaces that feel both welcoming and distinguished.

    Whether you are undertaking a restoration project or embarking on a new build, our Bathstone provides your project with a perfect blend of warmth, hertiage and natural beauty.

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      Other Cast Stone Colours

      Find the cast stone colour options we provide below and click each option to find out more.

      Portland Stone Colour


      Our Portland colour has a light grey hue that subtly varies, echoing the natural stone found on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, UK.

      Ivory Stone Colour


      Our Ivory colour has a warm, creamy hue that mimics natural ivory which offers a soft yet sophisticated look.

      Bathstone Stone Colour


      Our Bathstone colour has a warm, honey-coloured hue that provides a natural softness and depth of colour.

      Cotswold Stone Colour


      Our Cotswold colour has golden-earthy tones, inspired by the natural stone found in the Cotswold Hills.

      Yorkstone Stone Colour


      Our Yorkstone has a mix of earth colours from browns and yellows to deep greys to closely match the stunning sandstone colours found across Yorkshire.

      Natural Grey

      Our Natural Grey colour has been crafted to closely match the aesthetic of natural stone. Natural grey works with almost all achitectural styles.

      Charcoal Stone Colour


      Our Charcoal colour provides deep grey and almost black hues. Perfect for creating a striking contrast with other surrounding materials. 

      Terracotta Stone Colour


      Our Terracotta colour provides reddish-brown hues which evokes the timeless charm of Mediterranean and rustic country styles.

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